HH Fences and Deck Co. specializes in building from ground up Wooden Fences, Decks, Retaining Walls and Custom Gates.

We can help you with picking up the best design, material and stain color that fits your home style and give your personal touch.


Perhaps the most important element in maximizing the life of your fence is the quality of the installation. At HH Fences and Deck Co., our field crews have years of experience and are qualified in all aspects of fence installation. We supply and install thousands of feet of fencing every year and are fortunate to receive many referrals for our work.


We specialize in the design and implementation of outdoor spaces that enhance your outdoor living experience. We’ll work with you to create the outdoor space you want, providing visual harmony that will enhance the value of your home. We have experience in building Gazebos, Arbors, Outdoor Kitchens, and Pergolas


HH Fences and Deck Co. has extensive knowledge and experience in building the most reliable gate for your outdoor living.

Wood Retaining Walls

An effective retaining wall will keep the soil in your yard stable over time, while also continuing to maintain its outward appearance. The most common reasons that retaining walls fail is poor design and installation—this is why professional design and placement are so important when installing a retaining wall on your property. Professional retaining wall installation is also faster and easier than attempting to undertake this difficult and large-scale task on your own. Working with experienced hard scrapers means you can enjoy a smaller, shorter, disruption to your everyday schedule and a stable, long-lasting, and appealing retaining wall that will serve your property well for years to come.

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